Importance Of Effective Writing Skills

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Effective writing skills are an importantpart of communication. Effective writing skills allow you to communicate your message with clarity and ease to a far larger audience than through face-to-face or telephone conversations. Correct grammar, punctuation and spelling are key in written communications. It utilizes one’s intelligence, education, and critical-thinking skills. Effective writing skills will prevent a person from confusion because of miscommunication.Effective writing skills allows us to communicate with one another with clarity and ease without having to have a face-to-face or telephone conversation. If a person knows how to properly write, having a conversation through email…show more content…
In the text, “How to Write a Short Persuasive Argument: A Step-By-Step Guide” we learn five (5) rules to help us write a good sentence more effectively. Something I have learned recently when writing is to write simple sentences. Do not use words that you do not usually when talking to make yourself seem more sophisticated because this normally puts a strain on your writing abilities. For example, use if you wrote the sentence, “I ran to the store” do not change it to “I bolted to the store” becauseyou think your teacher may like that phrase better. Using simple sentences helps communicate with one another more effectively because it is easier to understand what the person is trying to say in an email, rather than reading a long sentence and using focus of what is actually trying to be said. The use of correct grammar, punctuation, and spelling are key components in effective writing skills. An important step in effective writing is try to limit the flaws by proofreading what you type several time until you can not see any mistakes in grammar, punctuation, and spelling. Misspelled words, run-on sentences, and no punctuation can cause a headache when a person is trying to read a
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