Importance Of Electronic Marketing

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Electronic marketing is the marketing of goods and services through the use of communication technology and latest electronic technology that is via Internet.E marketing includes all activities of companies to advertise, promote, and sell the goods and services through internet. It includes direct marketing methods and indirect marketing methods and uses latest internet technology to connect with the customers.With the help of e marketing companies tries to retain old customers and businesses and tries to get new customers and develops companies goodwill and identity.

Electronic marketing is generally referred to the policies and latest techniques which
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It has changed the way of our work, way of life and has changed the interaction of people with each other. Online shopping has become very popular in India and Rajasthan. Young generation likes to buy goods and services over the internet. The term e-marketing is also called by the synonym names such as internet marketing, online marketing, digital marketing, online shopping, etc. e-marketing is the marketing of goods and services over the internet. There are two human parts of e-marketing. First is online consumer behavior and second is various activities of online businessmen to impact consumer behavior to buy products and services.

Electronic marketing environment is important for consumers online shopping. Young customers uses internet for information, surfing and purchasing. They spend their time on internet and depends on it for various information and electronic messages. This electronic environment has created huge demand for e-marketing activities. This e-environment is time saving, money saving, reduction in wastages and eliminates middlemen in shopping. Marketers are familiar with the purchasing process and they influences consumers in their buying
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Consumers do not go to shop on physical stores in online shopping. Businessmen places pictures, information and videos and other details on internet about their products. Consumers prefer to shop online because goods placed over internet are cheaper than stores. If a consumer buys mobile phones on internet in Rs.10000/- then its price in physical stores would be 11000/-. So, online shopping is cheaper. In fact it is the policy of sellers to attract more consumers to their stores. Sellers also gives discounts, gifts, offers and other rebates on

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