Role Of Empathy In Tesco

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3. Empathy
Empathy means to understand. In the context of reputation repairs, it is the actions taken to show their stakeholders that they are caring for them. The key to showing empathy is to look at the situation from their stakeholder’s perspective. This helps Tesco to gain a better understanding of what they are thinking and feeling about the situation. It is important for them to remember that there is a fine line between empathy and sympathy.

4. Assurance
Assurance is a guarantee or pledge intended to give confidence. To put confidence back into the customer it is important to recognize that there is a problem. This can be accomplished by pursuing the previous three steps and assuring the customer that the problem will be investigated
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Integrate the communication and social responsibilities into the company’s corporate reputation strategy. Develop a crisis management strategy to defend against threats to reputation. Pass along the corporate story to internal and external stakeholders (Wartick, 1992, 2002). Build a corporate culture that attracts and retains talent.

The construction blocks of corporate reputation: emotional appeal, vision and leadership, social responsibility, workplace environment, financial performance, and quality of products and services. How does one measure Recognition, trust, financial performance, retention? Trust important factor. Collins and Han (2004), in a survey of 99 organizations, found that corporate advertising and firm reputation had direct effects on the applicant pool quantity and tone.
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Tangible benefits accrue to organizations having favourable reputations. It takes several years to develop a favourable corporate reputation. While a favourable reputation relies on communication and marketing, it is more than that. A favourable corporate reputation is established on sound HRM practices and a viable business model and strategy. Organizations having favourable reputations are credible, Tesco “walk the talk.” They know a lot about construction, defending and repairing reputations (Decotiis, 2008). The favourable corporate reputations result of effective leaders, dedicated employees, superior service and products, high ethical standards and high levels of socially responsible actions (Garcia, 2007; Greyser, 1999). Tesco needs to rebrand themselves to better accommodate and fit changing times. There are considerable threats to Tesco corporate reputations. These include the behaviour of executives, dissatisfied employees, disgruntled customers and clients, low quality products or services, rumours, innuendos, and lies spread by disgruntled employees, customers or competitors. Leadership, communication and candour are vital here. While it requires several years to establish a favourable corporate reputation, it can be rapidly

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