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Pool and Sewell (2007) employability Model gave a framework to allow students to achieve their full potential and become value-added graduates. They outlined employability as a collection of, skills, that helps choose a occupation of their preference and achieve success in it. Their model has 5 elements to use, develop and after that evaluate these experiences which lead to higher self- confidence and employability. This model shows that every component is extremely vital and if one is missing it really affects a graduate’s employability.

By providing support and supervision to students , allows to build their self-awareness and what they need in future, to ponder opportunities local, national and global available
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Therefore students ought to be aware when this is delivered and ensuring these is included as learning outcomes. This will help students to see however they havedeveloped their skills and competencies employers are searching for and can be able to provide proof of these when applying for job opportunities. (Harvey, 2001; McQuaid&…show more content…
Results of this study confirm the existence of a positive relationship between managerial skill competencies and job performance in employment. The key findings was that there was a difference in the learning outcomes among management students. In case of the some students under study, it was observed that their college curriculum focused more on innovative training pedagogy and learn by doing approach , it was found that these students were more enthusiastic, active, participative , willing to learn and apply their knowledge skills. Due to these continuous training they were able to enhance their confidence and job employability prospects. On the contrary, in some management students they were more text book based learning and due their restrictive exposure these students had limited knowledge applicability in real life situations which further narrowed down their scope of employment. There was a definite positive connection between the soft skills and employability and there is an abundant scope for augmenting the effectiveness of the delivery mechanisms. Since the study involved students from different regions of India studying in Pune, one of the core common issues which came to light was the existence of language barrier towards imparting information

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