Employability Skills

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6.4. Implications of Theory. Many studies have been done on employability skills and preparedness of fresher to seek job. But many of this studies focused either secondary or vocational institutions. The studies which focused integration of employability skills in business curriculum were mostly for few skills or for smaller groups or for single institution. Some studies focused on the perceptional gap between students and faculties regarding employability skills. This study focused management institutes and the corporate. This study made the distinction employability skills required by the corporate and that imparted by management institutes to their students to make them more employable. Implications for Practice The study revealed huge…show more content…
It is predicated that coming decade in India will have “Knowledge based economy” due to proper Academia- Industry Interactions. Management institutes have to develop a wide scope for enhancing student’s employability, they have to overcome the challenges such as engaging all students in employability process, measuring the impact of employability system, proper engaging with employers and bridging the skill gap between all stakeholders. Management education should add on and improve imparting strategies for soft skill and personality development activities for 3600 Holistic personality development of the management students. The employability skill set gap can be reduced only when both management institutes and corporate find out dependencies on each other. Various strategies has been adopted by Academia- Industry for successful commercialization in context with human resource. These strategies involve identification of skills shortfall skills, efforts to impart skills, adoption of existing skills by orientation program. There is huge gap in rapidly growing corporate world and those provided by management institutes. Only holistic approach from the Academia- Industry can solve these issues. So following are some of the action based suggestions on the study…show more content…
• Management institutes should focus and promote Faculty Development Program and also Student Development Program for effective teaching and learning methods receptively. • The management institutes should give more stress on internship programs of the students. The faculties should get actively involved in the student’s internship experiences. He also should be in contact with corporate where the project is on, so that faculty can get real feedback about the students. • The main barrier in the employability skill gap is student’s awareness about it. Management institute should first review the current patterns in which students are informed about corporate, job opportunities, recruitment process, and job descriptions. • Management institutes should create environment that promotes the employability skills, advice and guidance to students to choose their path. • Corporate and Management Institutes should identify barriers to student engagement and shall be jointly addressed. • Corporate and Management Institutes should build a good practices and resources for a long term impact for imparting employability
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