Employee Appraisal Fairness Process

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Employee Appraisal Fairness process Performance appraisals are the basic element of human resource management. Many HR decisions are totally based on the results of the Appraisal. Kelly, (2008) studied that over 80 percent of the respondents are in desire of the appraisal system, along with 45 % respondents indicates that appraisal system needs improvement. Fairness and clarity of the appraisal system is compulsory. It results in satisfaction, improvement in performance, motivation and positive perception towards performance bonuses. Fairness and clarity increase employee commitment and satisfaction since employees are given chance to discuss about their work performance. This, in turn, will lead them to perform greater in innovative activities.…show more content…
In modern era and highly competitive climate between the organizations, the tendency to improve employee performance is by improving the HRM practices. The employee 's performance is use of knowledge, skills, experiences and abilities, to perform the assigned mission required by their managers efficient and effectively. The importance of the employees performance can be in form of several points such as : 1. Help to considering the cost of the resources used. 2. A measure of the quantity and quality of work done. 3. Help to survive and excel between the firms. 4. Help to assess and attain of established performance goals. 5. Increase the efficiency of the employee performance helps to make the right decisions. Kaplan explained the main methods of evaluating employee performance based on: 1. Employee attributes which confirm characteristics or qualities important to the firm. 2. Employee behaviors which are widely used for evaluating or defining employee behaviors necessary to complete a job…show more content…
But few studies link important human resource management (HRM), practices, such as, Training and development programs provided by HR dept. , Performance Appraisal Fairness Process and Employee Participation contribution to Enhance The employee Performance Formal Appraisal, and its impact on the entire Egyptian oil sector; Especially where our country is suffering under the impact of nepotism and unfairness in most

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