Importance Of Employee Training

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Importance of Employee Training
For an organization to be effective in its activities, it has to be dependent on the power and usefulness of its employees. Some institutions do usually look for the services of outside consultants to make and implement various trainings in order to improve the performance of its employees. Due to cultural diversity in most countries, the law system and other various challenges that employees face usually make the organizations to organize training methods that make employees need to overcome the challenges. Trainings in various legal requirements, employees’ growth and diversity are necessary for organizations to make the employees effective. Therefore, the paper shall focus
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These situations can happen during training and can make the employees vulnerable to various legal actions that can affect their performance. Various harsh situations that might occur during training sessions involve suffering injuries, offensive training to employees, and non-accommodation of people with disabilities during training and using materials that have been copyrighted during training sessions. This makes the employees to identify ways of protecting themselves as well as their organizations from legal matters. Due to the complex nature of the law system of the United States, the organizations need to act in a professional manner and should act within the laws of the United States. This will make them avoid law suits that can affect them from either their customers or other institutions. Trainings on legal matters including civil laws will make the employees to have better understanding and the ways to deal with various situations within the work environments in situations when confrontations arise to them, (Noe,…show more content…
During their trainings, they need to ensure that they develop their employees properly to ensure proper productivity of the organization. They should be provided with trainings in basic skills and ranges up to leadership skills. Training of employees should focus on achieving the goals of the organizations. The trainers need to analyze the organizations which will help them to assess the training needs of the employees by focusing on their current skills and the desired levels of skills. Greenberg asserts that this assessment will make the organization to formulate an idea of how to benefit from the training and justification of the training costs. In addition to gaining the basic job skills, employees also need to gain knowledge on the leadership skills. The employees who are rated lowly can be developed to become future leaders. This will help them in their future succession plans. When organizations develop and grow, the number of those in management reduces and the right people need to be selected to lead the organizations. The process of succession will make the employees of the organization to get motivated and they can work hard towards becoming better employees of the organization. This makes them achieve their carrier goals in the long

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