Importance Of Employment Communication

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Employment communication plays an important role between an applicant and the company, the question what is employment communication? Employment message is a chat you have with an employer. For example you have an meeting for a job you have applied, you show up, the interview starts by asking several basic questions such as what is your age, name, history, etc.
Later the employer methods you with more deep questions such as pardon makings do you have that will be appropriate for the job location you have applied? And why should I hire you? From the start of the communication to the end is pardon is considered an employment communication. Why should employment communication be careful important?
The Importance of Employment Communication
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This was chosen obviously by Georgina, 25, from the United Kingdom: “The job market in the [United Kingdom] UK is becoming slowly modest. In the past, a Bachelor’s degree was adequate to set one apart in sure service sectors. Nowadays, inexpert advances are expected to have a Master’s in addition to numerous years of work knowledge in order to obtain an admission level position.” To this, Parth, a 24-year-old male from India, extra a concern united by many participants, that those young people who are able to find a job must take it at: “an extremely low salary. Some employers are using this as an opportunity to activity youth.”
Lody, 25, from Cambodia, united her sight of the reasons for higher severance among youth than adults in her country: “…lack of prominence of teaching, […lack of] skills among students and job seekers, skills mésalliance between what students have learned in schools and the skills needed by employers, lack of networking at the workshop, poor work experience and office skills, etc.” These reasons were commonly named by many other contestants. Amadou, 24, from Senegal, working with AFRIC'Action, pointed out the satire of such factors given that today’s generation of young people is in fact the most
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Within that time the employer can fire anyone without giving more description than: ‘your services are not required anymore in order to achieve our objectives.’ Young people have this kind of agreement and that’s the reason why they cannot even pay for their own houses, because banks don’t give loans if you have unstable agreements.
-So, when one almost reaches the end of the audition period…Surprise!!!!! You are fired…”
Givers from developing countries, and in precise from Africa, stated that corruption and special family and party-political connections pose a disadvantage to most youth, as only those people who are well located in culture appear to have access to decent jobs. Walter, 18, from Lagos, Nigeria believes that: “In Nigeria, the main cause of unemployment is dishonesty, which is having a negative effect on virtually all sectors in my country.” Likewise, Thulani from Zimbabwe expressed: “It is a very unlucky state that those who benefit are those who have party-political links with leading party-political parties.”
Although Anna, 30, from Kenya, found that the management sector offered better working situations to youth than the private sector, she involved for more action on the parts of both Government and youth to improve the youth employment
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