Importance Of Energy Crisis Essay

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Worldwide main cause of energy crisis directly refers to the natural problem of limited resources. As the whole world has scarce natural resources that are reducing with every tick of clock, the converting of natural assets into electrical energy is decreasing day by day. Many countries are producing energy, specially by burning coal. Some other countries are managing their electric needs mainly by nuclear production. Others do handle it by burning coal or natural gases. Some countries like India are utilizing water to produce energy. The question is for how long these resources would be available to accomplish the escalating energy needs of human beings. So, simply we can say that our planet is relying on coal, natural gas, water, fossil fuels…show more content…
This highlights the importance of this central issue for the whole world. To avoid this overwhelming situation, people around the globe are working hard to find alternate or renewable resources to prevent the world from power failure. Some are starting “save energy” campaigns. Seminars and reports on the topic of “energy conservations” are also becoming common. The real solution of this problem can only be done by replacing all these above mentioned non-renewable resources with alternate renewable sources. Solar and wind are considered major example of this but they are not as reliable as coal or gas. So, what should do to overcome this energy crisis. To use all of our available resources in an intelligent way. A fraction of energy should be produced by no-renewable resources and the remaining amount should be fulfilled by that of renewable. new resources should be explored. serious research shall be conducted to increase the efficiency or energy producing units and new technologies shall be introduced in this regard.So, we can say that not only Pakistan but also the whole world is affected by this termite. Pakistan gets its electrical energy supply from mixed resources; renewable and nonrenewable.
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