Importance Of Engineering And Technology In Nigeria

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To facilitate national development, "Engineering and Technology" must be given the right priority and the appropriate it deserves. Most underdeveloped countries have failed to develop their own engineering and technology capabilities through transformation of appropriate engineering and technology to create wealth and socioeconomic well-being of their citizens and national development.
"Engineering and Technology" is the transformer through which the fortune of a nation can be transformed for socioeconomic well-being with the application of appropriate engineering and technology.
In dealing with the two transformers (Engineering and Technology) that will stimulate the national development, all stakeholders hands must be on deck. According to Adeodu, Daniyan, Omohimoria, and Afolabi [4] "Some of the challenges bedeviling the third world countries have been identified as inefficient use of available resources (human, financial, material etc.), low human capacity building, absence of good and safe infrastructure, and epileptic power supply amongst other". The shortage in manpower has remained a major setback to Nigeria 's technological breakthrough [4]. This shortage is linked with the imperial educational system that gives little or no consideration to the technological needs of a rapidly changing industrial economy; that Nigeria today has to rely heavily on foreign assistance and

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