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Engineering plays vital role in improving society and there are many ethical and moral issues that engineering and computer science professionals will face like the medical, legal and business professions. It is important to understand how to contemplate these issues and increase moral autonomy. Engineering ethics is not only teaching moral behavior knowing about immoral and amoral in a set of beliefs, but also increasing the ability of engineers and other professionals to face boldly with the moral problems arising from technological advancements, changes and other related activities.


• Engineering ethics can be defined as a systematic study of the rules and values of the engineering professionals.
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Type of problem


4. Application 1. Ethics is an activity which concerns with making investigations and knowing about moral values, finding solutions to moral issues and justifying moral issues and justifying moral judgments.

2. Ethics is a means of contrasting moral questions from non-moral problems.

3. Ethics is also used as a means of describing the beliefs, attitudes and habits related to an individual’s or group are morality. e.g. : Ethics given in the Bhagavat Gita or the Bible or The Quran.

4. As per the definition of dictionaries - ‘moral principles’ are about the actions and principles of conduct of the people i.e. ethical or unethical. 1. Like the ethics, engineering ethics also aims at knowing moral values related to engineering, finding accurate solutions to the moral problems in engineering and justifying moral judgments of engineering.

2. Engineering Ethics gives a total view of the moral problems and how to solve these issues specifically related to engineering field.

3. Engineering ethics is also using some currently accepted codes and standards which are to be followed by group of engineers and engineering
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Micro-Ethics: This approach stresses on typical and day to day problems which play an important role in the field of engineering profession.

ii. Macro-Ethics: This approach deals with social problems which are unknown and suddenly burst out on a regional or national level.

So, it is necessary for an engineer to pay attention on both of the approaches by having a careful study of how they affect them professionally and personally. The engineers have to tolerate themselves with the everyday problems both from personal and societal point of view.


The term ‘morality’ concerns with (a) what ought to be or ought not to be done in a given situation, (b) what is the right or wrong in handling it, (c) what is the good or bad about the persons, policies and principles involved in it. If an action is said to be morally right or a principle is said to be morally good, then they are said to be had some moral reasons in supporting it.

Moral reasons include respect others and ourselves, respect the rights of others, keep promises, avoid unnecessary problems to others and avoid cheating and dishonesty, show gratitude to others and encourage them to

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