Importance Of Engineers In Society

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Engineers are the one who apply science and their knowledge into real life that help to improve technology and makes a great contribution to the society. Thus, it helps to improve our life standard. Engineers are one of the significant roles to develop a city, a state and even a country. Other than development of a country, engineers also play a fundamental role in facilitating the functioning of modern society. They facilitates through the connection and protecting of society. They link the whole community and protect the society by using their design and creation. With the increasing demand for faster and improved connectivity, telecommunication industry is poised to grow rapidly. Telecommunication industry provides services such as cellular phone, internet, high speed broadband and others. In the past, a cellular phone only served the purpose of making and receiving calls. With the introduction of text messaging, the trend shifted from the conventional postal service to the short-messaging service (SMS), driving further innovation on content and applications development (e.g. MMS, caller ringtones, etc.). With the help of engineers, people can communicate each other through video call without the distance barrier. We can transfer our information or huge data files with the faster and higher capacity 3G & 4G network in the shortest time. Nowadays, telecommunications become an importance part to the society. It is an essential tool for the development of country in
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