English Language Skills Essay

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Language and communication play a vital role in today’s world of globalization. There is no doubt that English has become a universal language. It has been the basic medium of communication in the academic world as well as in the professional arena. When it comes to having a lucrative career, English proficiency is regarded as the mandatory skill. It is taught all over the world. In the recent times, an individual’s capability is assessed in terms of the communication skill in English which is treated on par with the subject expertise of that particular profession. This aspect throws light on the fact that an individual is expected to meet the challenges confronting the career aspects through a demonstration of strong English language skills. Particularly, the job scenario in this globalised world involves many dimensions of assessment in the form of competitive examinations and personal interviews; and, English serves as the medium of communication in these encounters. Hence, the aspirants of progress in life in this technological era have to gear up with expected English language skills that cater to the…show more content…
So, the educational institutions are working in the direction of making it mandatory to impart strong English language skills to their students. To meet this challenging situation, where language skills have to be imparted to a vast number of learners, the traditional classrooms might cater to the diverse needs of ever-increasing number of learners. The implementation of technology in the field of education simplified the procedures of teaching to such massive strengths by providing alternative opportunities to the learners. With the help of these technologies, self-taught techniques have been developed. The benefits that the technologies offer are witnessed in the enthusiasm that the learners are showing to pursue the language skills with

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