Importance Of English As A Unified Language

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As the world has become a small place where people from all over the world can easily communicate, the need for a unified language to communicate was demanding. The way English has become this ‘unified ' language can be related to many factors that helped the language to gain its global language that it has today. Colonization, imperial power, industrial revolution and language contact, all these factors contributed to the emergence of different varieties of English, that later became so independent that they were identified as “Englishes” with their own distinct features. It is clear that English has changed throughout history, came across many languages that affected its structure and grammar. English is now considered an international language and a lingua franca for many nations. It reached a level of globalization where it became a language that operates as a mean of communication worldwide. Many linguists see that English is the most developed language in the world, as many theories has been developed around the language to analyze its origin and how it achieved its global state. English is not a language for just the United Kingdom of Britain; 1.5 to 2 billion English active speakers exist today and they use English in their professional and personal life.

English, nowadays, has become a language for almost everything, so English now has its global identity. Every nation has its own dialect, accent, language and variety. The linguist Michael Toolan believes that

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