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When here comes a question "Which universal phenomena we have in the world", there probably must be "air, life, communication, culture, languages..." and after that it goes without saying that we should make an emphasis: "English or better to say The English Language".
Have you ever thought about of the prevalence of the English language? The power of it must not be underestimated as it is one of the strongest elements of globalization. So as a result in 2014 we have 58 sovereign states and 21 non-sovereign entities where English is an official language. At the same time many country subdivisions have declared English the official language at the local or regional level.
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First of all he said that during all his life he has been any grateful to the fact that they have such a linguistic state, because it opens the door of the world. Maybe it is one of the reasons why India in spite of its geographical position has been always so close to all the political, economic and cultural events. So English helps to be in touch with whole the world. But at the same time he persuaded me that “you cannot be sure that because of the English language you will probably be hired on a very good position in a company, all the educated people know it. But you have an opportunity to go abroad and enter university you really want to be. So I can say, yes, it improves you mobility and gives you more chances for creating your better…show more content…
Watching Indian movies you will probably pay your attention on the wide usage of the English vocabulary in the original script, as sometimes the percentage can be like 70 (Hindi )/30 (English). Isn’t impressive? But maybe this fact can stay as a good sign for understanding that Hindi is overlap by English and soon can take the second linguistic position among the society?
Anyway, now Indians don’t worry about losing their identity because they have a strong historical background and unique culture and they use English as the first language for improving international relationship. It is also the second language for many who speak more than one language in India. But mostly the English language is considered to be as the “link, glue” that will provide you with unlimited mobility around the world, because it is a linguistic bridge between the major countries of the world and

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