Importance Of English Essay

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In this modern age, we cannot deny and ignore the importance of English. English is the lingua franca of the world; this is due to English is the only language that truly links the whole world together. Other than that, it will help one to get a scholarship, a better chance of entrée to a university or succeed in an interview. In addition, it has been playing an important role in developing a country for many centuries in sectors such as medicine, engineering, and education. There are three importances of English which are helping one in one’s business, education and for getting a job.
Firstly, English is used immensely in the international business community. In order to be a good leader in the business community, the most important thing is to sharpen our skills to communicate, convince and persuade others (Amelio, n.d.). Moreover, English may be an essential language for global business success at this moment (Clark, 2012). Excellent English
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English is an official language in majority countries of the world. Moreover, many people are used English to communicate to each other. Additionally, English is the main language that is used in most higher education institutes and universities all over the world. Majority educational subjects are written in English even for the primary school. You can brighten your future with education, which is a useful tool which will follow you for the entire of your life (Mandela, n.d.). Hence, students should develop and improve their English skills for helping them easy understand and learning in their study. Students who excel in English will have a land of milk and honey because he or she may go abroad to further study, helps one to secure lucrative employment and it provides a golden opportunity to work overseas also. Education is the light of success. Therefore, English language acts as an important key for student toward and achieve in their study and
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