Importance Of English In Bhutan

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English, although is a second language for Bhutanese, it is used as medium of instruction in education and official correspondence. It encompasses linguistic features like grammar, pronunciation, and spelling. With the introduction of the modern education system in the 1960s, the Bhutanese government not only decided to include English as a subject in the curriculum but also as the medium of instruction. Since then, the way that Bhutanese use English, both written and spoken, has progressed, accelerating Bhutan’s education system, economic development and opening Bhutan’s door to the outside world with English as a means of communication. The Government’s goal of equipping the Bhutanese citizens with the language so as to communicate with the international population is achieved. However, the learning of English in Bhutanese schools can still be focused further for the betterment in the future. Thus, this essay will discuss the salient features of Bhutanese English in the areas of grammar, pronunciation, and spelling.

First of all, grammar plays a vital role in Bhutanese English, in order to make it efficient and comprehensible. It is an essential component in teaching and learning English and its role is to produce decent English. Grammar is defined as the way of describing the construction of phrases and sentences in a way that we take care of the grammatical series and omit the ungrammatical series (Yule, 2010). The construction of sentences and phrases using the tenses,
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