Importance Of English In Business

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As “Necessity is the mother of invention” similar way man strives for acquiring knowledge from various resources. Since English is penetrating into different arenas, the man felt that survival was not possible without knowing of English. The varieties of English comes across in India and the globe; man is considered to be distinct variants of the language. The importance of English gradually has increased in the business, education policies and so on. English is enjoying its privilege in the world business. To know the developments across the world, English is only the medium of communication, publication, and culture.

English is a second language in India, and as such, it is widely used in the media, education, administration, non-localized business etc. In the majority of the cases, spoken and written English are learned through formal education. This paper focuses on the ubiquity of English language in various departments and branches of administration in India and its vital role for communication for business and trade national and international. It 's increasing role education, politics and trade and commerce.
Keywords: Accouterments, Ubiquity, Technology, The internet.
The story of English in India begin in 1835, the law member of the Council Governer General and President of the Board of Education. He desired to produce through Egnlish education, a class of persons. Indians in blood and color, but English in taste, in opinion in morals and
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