Importance Of English In The Modern World

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English in the Modern World Language is an important tool that we use nowadays. In the first place, we are not only using it to creating an idea or for communicating, but also to build friendship in a work or educational ties. We can communicate without language by using signs. Language can open our minds and develops our personality. The more language we know the better we will be. It is infamous that English language in the present times is too important in global world. No one can deny that it is the most common language for many non-English speakers. They use to communicate everywhere or anytime. In some countries is used as a mother tongue such as Kenya or India. There is also some countries use it as a second language like they use it in their schools. Countries that over command English are thinking and respecting highly educated English. Because of the technology English language plays an important role in a lot of sections in work. For instance, in education, doctors in…show more content…
The positive thing is English has reached the top of the billboard in the language ladder. English language uses in a commercial, politics, economy and knowledge is helpful for the language to be too important in these area. English the most spoken language with a large number of countries such as French, Dutch, Indian, Chinese that have more than naïve speaker. For instance, here in Kuwait when I want to communicate with someone cannot speak an Arabic language, Philippines or Chinese or Indians so I must use the English language to communicate. The negative aspect is that English has a war history that means they are cruel and violent. So that learning English language maybe becomes danger for the future. Maybe make people think that other languages are not necessary to learn it. just imagine if we had only one language we feel like we have nothing to express our feelings and emotions because we will not using our mother

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