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Nowadays, and in this modern globalized world, one is required to keep up with various competitions and challenges. This includes not only having an appropriate level of education, but also a certain set of skills. One of the most important skills required is English language. As an international language, English is considered the main language of verbal and written communication. In addition, it is also the language of modern technology and sciences around the world. Therefore, if anyone wishes to compete and succeed in this globalized world, English will be one of the key tools to this success. Mastering the English language allows people to communicate effectively and efficiently and grants them access to up-to-date technology. In developing countries, English language plays a vital role in the various aspects of life. It is also a method to developing relationships on an international level and…show more content…
As the world has now become a globalised international economic market, people are now required to have a certain understanding of the language to be a part of this market. Therefore, many countries who seek to play a major role in the world economics are moving towards making the study of the English language a compulsory subject.

(page 15) English language plays a positive role in bringing people together. As Language is the method used by people to express their thought and emotions, having a common language facilitates communications and interactions between people from different parts of the world. English, as an international language, brings people closer, helps people communicate with others from various cultures and different parts of the world and it can also make business easier.

However, the rapid growth of the English language has granted it power and dominance. Many countries have adopted the language not only in their educational system but also in their

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