Importance Of English Language In The World

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GROWING DEMAND FOR ENGLISH LANGUAGE IN THE WORLD A.V.Rajya Lakshmi, M.A.,M.Phil., H.O.D. of Engish, BCAS, Bapatla Email:

Today’s world considers English as a global language because there has never been a language so widely spread or spoken by so many people as English. It makes news daily in many countries and is adopted by many countries. It has a special role to play in the countries where it has been accepted as the official language and is being used as a medium of communication. It has reached the present day status primarily because of two main factors – the expansion of British Empire in the 19th Century and the emergence of the United States as the leading economic power of the 20th Century. Across India, we find people speaking more than 400 languages and dialects, but only 22 of them are considered official languages. They include English, which is widely spoken in the big cities. And with rapid urbanisation, The demand for English has been sweeping almost all the fields of national life like politics, international relations, media, communication, travel and education. Most of the earlier scientific innovations were made in Britain and are now continued in America. The advancements in Science and Technology and their use of new terminology have been showing an immediate impact on the language, adding tens of thousands of words to the English lexicon. As these innovations come down from

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