Importance Of English Language

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Ait salem Mohamed TEFL, Groupe 1 29/11/16

English is the language of the world. It is the language of business and politics. Because of its paramount importance, mastering it has become the priority of many education departments around the world. This has led to heated discussions about the way approached to teach English. Thus, some call for the integration of culture in the learning process, whereas others call for the separation of culture and language, and only stick to teaching grammar, phonology, etc. However, it is highly important to point out that culture and language are two sides of the same coin. They go together. As matter of fact, including English speaking countries? cultures in teaching English helps to widen learners ?knowledge of English as well as develop their intercultural competence. ?From the first day of the beginning class, culture is at the forefront. Whatever approach, method, or technique is used? (Joyce 20) incorporating the cultures of English speaking countries in teaching English helps students have a better understanding of it. Without knowing the features underlying each of those cultures, understanding it would be of enormous difficulty. For instance, in certain reading tasks, learners may be able to understand every single word. Yet, they may not understand the overall meaning of the text, or the intended meaning of the writer. I personally have had difficulties understanding certain writings simply because I
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