Importance Of English Proficiency

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English as an international method of communication is now more important than ever. English proficiency becomes a global demand and is a requirement for all countries to follow. The English language (L2) can be more intimidating to foreign learners in comparison to their mother tongue (L1). Academia, stakeholders, and governments place emphasis on the education of learners and the exposure to the English language. English should be accessible to all educational institutions starting at kindergarten to higher educational level level. Although it is a slow development process, it is possible to expose learners at kindergarten level. In addition, understanding learners, cultural backgrounds, social interaction, and level of English (L2) is of vital importance to the success of the educator and the learners. The Educational Department acknowledges a lot has to change to incorporate a second L2 language to all schools. Educators in kindergarten and primary schools are more active in the classrooms, with extra-curricular activities to develop the learners’ English proficiency level. Learners are more enthusiastic by learning new vocabulary from a very young age. What are the benefits for learners’ to learn a second language, which age is appropriate to expose learners to English language acquisition and which methods are suitable for the learners’ progress? Keywords: English acquisition, learners Introduction Excellent English language proficiency, using
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