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ENGLISH LANGUAGE TEACHING. K.P.Gopalakrishna Pillai. INTRODUCTION. Words exists to express ‘thoughts’ and generally also that ‘thoughts’ have objects which are words mean….1 It is not known how or when language arose. The pictures made in caves by the Cro-Magnon men may have been intended to convey a meaning, and may have been a form of writing. Language is a human prerogative and probably the chief habit in which we are superior to the dumb animals. English has become the essential communicative tool in the world now-a-days. Meaning can only be understood if we treat language as a bodily habit, which is learnt just as we learn football or bicycling. The theory…show more content…
Skimmimng is to read superficially and skipping. Scanning is looking for information. The learner reads in details and having a critical understanding. Skimming and Scanning help the readers to recognize and evaluate relevant information in the text. Intensive reading is to read and analyze a text with a purpose; for instance from examination point of view .Extensive reading is to read something out of interest and for pleasure. Taking notes is the most effective way of storing information during a lecture or while…show more content…
There are variety of methods of teaching English. What works one learner may not work with another. Again different methods may be appropriate to different contexts. It is not possible to suggest a perfect method of language learning. Teachers need to use their discretion in deciding on what method to use and when .Any method that works is good. The objectives of teaching English as second language (ESL) must be achieved. All the choices that are made must ensure that the learner achieves second language competence. ( English Language Teaching, Source Book for the Diploma in Teacher Education, 2008, Directorate of Distance Education, Research and Training Centre, Chennai) Teachers need to motivate the learners in order to develop their skills. Students are expected to know the rules of the language or grammar, by conducting examinations. Communicative competence is the main aim of teaching language. Greater amount of interactions can be made using technology. K.P.GopalakrishnaPillai, ph.D Scholar, Vinayaka Missions University, Salam.
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