Importance Of Environment In Tourism

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In a less developed country, there is a tendency that tourism policy emphasizes on economic goals rather than how tourism and environment can benefit each other. Whereas environment is a major aspect in tourism industry, while the preservation and conservation of it can bring positive image to tourism industry. In a tourist destination where natural environment is not the main attraction, awareness on clean and healthy environment should not be neglected.
In order to create a sustainable environment around a world heritage site, a management plan should consider environment related issues in the process of planning, implementation and also monitoring. In the operational guidelines of 1972 world heritage convention, it is stated that environmental
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However, EIA needs to be adjusted for heritage site by referring to its outstanding universal value (OUV). Besides the environmental impact assessment, mitigating ecological threats around heritage sites can also be done with threat reduction assessment (TRA). While EIA mostly creates baseline data for planning, TRA focuses on the threats that might damage the conservation process. TRA chooses specific target and evaluate what –for example, tourism practices that might degrade the current state of that particular…show more content…
ROS will create “zones” and thus help to guide the land use, classification of activities and define what infrastructure is needed within a particular zone. In determining the classes of activities, information on policy, value of the site and stakeholders concerns should be considered. Evaluating the visitors is also important to decide what opportunity might be available. Different types of visitors might enjoy different types of activities as well.

Possible Tourism Practices
Involving visitors in the implementation phase is very much possible. In fact, tourists nowadays are more attracted and committed to be able to contribute to such activities. According to IUCN publication, there is an increase in nature and environmental related tourism even since 1980s. In the other hand, encouraging communities such as local tourism operators and local people living around the site to be involved in such project seems easy but still requires strategic steps.

1. Creating

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