Importance Of Environmental Ethics

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Environmental ethics is an ethics that studies the relationships between human beings and the environment. Humans is a part of society as well as other creatures, which includes plants and animals. These are an important part of the world so I think we as a human being need to respect and use morals when dealing with these things. From my opinion, the environmental ethic is very important to help us conserve our world and manage our natural resources to meet our increasing needs and wants. But I found out myself had a very limited understanding of environmental ethics. Through the chapter of environmental ethics, conservation values and rational, I found out that there are many of environmental ethics that we should practice it in our daily life to keep the sustainability of the world. These ethics is built on a scientific understanding by bringing humans values, moral principles, and improved decision making into conservation with science. From the internet resources, I found out that it was Earth day in 1970 that helped to developed environmental ethics in the US and soon in the other countries. It is important to let the ethics become the major concerns for these days. I also found that there is two important publication that develops such awareness. Nowadays, human acts lead to environmental pollution. The high demand of the earth resources is a factor that leads to that environmental pollution. Hence, we need those environmental ethics to keep the sustainability.
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