Importance Of Environmental Pollution In Malaysia

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In our world today, the proper removal and disposal of sewage and polluted water have posed a serious challenge to governments. Domestic sewage and industrial effluents are regularly discharged into water streams without any treatment, resulting in heavily polluted freshwater. Sewage is also a major land-based source of marine environmental pollution. Environmental pollution in Malaysia has increased with the pace of industrial development and urbanization. The degree of environmental degradation due to discharging of untreated sewage and disposed sewage sludge has reached an alarming level and needs urgent attention so as to ensure sustainability of the river water quality. Sewage sludge is the insoluble residue from wastewater treatment…show more content…
In view of its organic matter and other nutrients content, it may be thought that the best system is to use it for agricultural purposes, although a load of heavy metals it may bear with it proves to be the main obstacle involved. Therefore, sludge has been effectively spread in order to recultivate degraded areas or to replace humus material in green areas of towns, or to lay lawns by the owners of private houses. The sludge used for agricultural purposes has to meet certain chemical and biological…show more content…
1.4 Scope of study Sludge samples were taken from the primary oxidation pond. Samples were air dried ground to find powder form and will be analysed. Sludge powders were then is mix with the soil according to the different concentration. Composted food waste. i.e. food waste, manure, vegetable, fruits, leaves, grass trimmings, paper, wood, feathers, crop residue etc., and turns it into a valuable organic fertilizer. The material to be composted will have a C/N ratio of 30 to 1 (Joan, et al., 2010). The liquid from composting kitchen waste will be applied together with the dried sludge to the crop two weeks once. Capsicum Annum L. (red chili) with the surface edible part of leaf was grown as part of the experiment in measuring the efficiency of sewage sludge and liquid from composting kitchen waste. Water magnetized with magnetic fields were daily irrigate to the plant. The strength of magnetic fields will be used was 0.55T. 1.5 Significant of

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