Importance Of Environmental Pollution

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The relation of environment and law is just as a relation that a man and nature share and sometimes over depend on each other. Therefore there is an urgent need of environmental law and policy with regard to both normative and positive dimensions. It begins with an examination of the central problem in environmental regulation like pollution levels in metro cities and what will the repercussions be if not regulated.
This paper will discuss about the rising environmental concern of India and how with the help of laws and policies different programmes and initiatives are being taken to curb pollution. Also there is a detailed analysis of the recent policy in the NCR to tackle severe air pollution. There are several questions regarding the odd- even rule implementation in New Delhi. Whether the policy will completely change the present scenario and will the people of Delhi be benefited from the policy? There is also a major concern regarding the damage caused to national heritage and monuments like Taj Mahal, Lotus temple, Charminar due to several categories of pollution- air, water, soil, and noise.
After a critical analysis of the deteriorating sky above India, I will discuss about the steps that an individual can take to control pollution in a smaller scale citing many examples and feasible cases that even a common man can practice.
Keywords: pollution laws and policies; odd- even rule; monument deterioration; protecting the environment

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