Importance Of Environmental Protection

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Earth is the only planet in the universe which makes human life possible and we humans have taken it for granted. But there is a limit to which it can endure all the torture and we have not been able to read the signs which were on the surfaces from a long time and the rate at which we are destroying it is faster than the rate at which we are trying to restore it. Protection of the physical environment of man is one of the most elemental and pressing problems of today’s world. In the past, numerous dramatic and disastrous events have underlined domestic and international attention on the growing danger of environmental deterioration and provided stimulus for national and international action to protect man against all kinds of pollution hazards. Environmental protection as such is of relatively recent issue in international law. There is no constant definition of environment. It can be anything from wetland to the cosmos of outer space from Himalayas to the deep sea bed, from a microscopic plant life to the human. One of the most comprehensive definition appears in the 1991 Convention on Environmental Impact Assessment in a Trans boundary Context; there “environment” includes ‘human health and safety, flora, air, water, climate, landscape and historical monuments or other physical structure or the interaction among these factors…[and] cultural heritage or socioeconomic conditions resulting from alterations to those factors.’ International environmental law comprises those
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