Importance Of Environmental Safety Policy

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E S POLICY EHS policy is "Environmental Health and Safety Policy".
• The word ‘Environment’ is most commonly used describing “natural environment”.
• In other words, Environment is sum total of water, air & land inter-relationships amongthemselves & also with the human being, other living organism & property.
• According to WHO, “Health is a state of complete physical, mental & social well-being & not merely the absence of disease or infirmity”.
• Safety can be defined as “The condition of being protected against physical, social, spiritual, emotional or other types of consequences of error, accidents, harm or any other events which could be considered as non-desirable”.
Policy is generally defined
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• Health of individuals is adversely getting affected at workplace and even in open environment.
• EHS policy can contribute towards the safety of the individuals as well as Environment.

• To study existing safety practices in the company.
• To study various aspects of EHS policy.
• To design EHS policy of BVG.

The scope of my project is limited to designing of the policy for BVG and also to understand all the aspects related to EHS policy. I have tried to find out the factors that affect the Environment‚ Health and Safety of employees. Based on allthese factors‚ I have made an attempt to frame a policy. I have tried my best to consider all the aspects while framing the policy. My willingness to work on this topic is much more‚ but in available time and resources‚ I have restricted my project.

Sources of Primary Data Collection
Primary Data
Primary data is the original data which is obtained for the first time.
The tool used for primary data collection is “Questionnaire”.
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• The chemicals that cause hazards are stored separately & precautions are taken to avoid the accidents.
• BVG ensures that the employees focus to reduce amount of waste & solid waste helping in natural resource conservation.
• The EHS policy surely' he s in the conservation of Environment & ensuring health &safety of the employees at the workplace. CONCLUSION
• The EHS is seen as feasible, potentially successful and correct strategy to preserve biodiversity.
• EHS policy is necessary for Sustainable development of any organization.
So, BVG INDIA LTD. gave me an opportunity to design an , EHS Policy for the company.

I have designed an EHS Policy, on my level. This EHS policy itself is a suggestion for the company.
BVG Environment Health & Safety Policy
BVG is committed to minimize the undesirable effects of its operations & services on the environment. To achieve this Company strives to:
• Comply with the applicable laws & other regulations pertaining to activities of BVG.
• Review &improve our processes & services to reduce industrial hazard & its impacts on

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