Importance Of Epistemology In Philosphy

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INTRODUCTION Undeniably Epistemology,The Theory Of Knowledege And Metaphysics The Study Of Existence Plays A Major Role In Philosphy.In A Closer View, Epistemology Is The Study Of Our Method Of Acquiring Knowledge. It Answers The Question, “What We Know” And "How Do We Know?" It Encompasses The Nature Of Concepts, The Constructing Of Concepts, The Validity Of The Senses, Logical Reasoning, As Well As Thoughts, Ideas, Memories, Emotions, And All Things Mental. It Is Concerned With How Our Minds Are Related To Reality, And Whether These Relationships Are Valid Or Invalid. Epistemology Is The Explanation Of How We Think. It Is Required In Order To Be Able To Determine The True From The False, By Determining A Proper Method Of Evaluation. It Is Needed In Order To Use And Obtain Knowledge Of The World Around Us. Without Epistemology, We Could Not Think. More Specifically, We Would Have No Reason To Believe Our Thinking Was Productive Or Correct, As Opposed To Random Images Flashing Before Our Mind. With An Incorrect Epistemology, We Would Not Be Able To Distinguish Truth From Error. The Consequences Are Obvious. The Degree To Which Our Epistemology Is Correct Is The Degree To Which We Could Understand Reality, And The Degree To Which…show more content…
"Knowledge is all things" is what we hear from ancient masters. It is everything in terms of emotions,feelings, all because it is existence. Knowledge is nothing unless it exists, and it has to be parallel with an individual’s existence.Knowledge is an asset that has to aid us in our daily life.hence,it doesn’t carry the meaning of something that has to be memorized or jotting down the some long notes.It lies into us,into our personality by widening our vision,the way we see something.Our personality is enhanced on its own when knowledge is gained more.Satisfaction is no longer in terms of fulfilling desires but the feeling of getting the knowledge as a part of ourselves,as part of our
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