Importance Of Equal Consideration In Education

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Equal consideration in Education

Everyone wants to go in college but not everybody can afford for their university finances. Students are finding ways to have a proper education due to their financial problem. Opportunity comes in athletical scholarship when you are physically fitted in the school. Adding that to be a student athlete is a great privilege for free education with their special treatment in academics. Is this because they have more than enough consideration in school than to other regular student? Going to study in college with equal treatment is the students right for their education. Because every students deserves the equal treatment whoever they are.
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Somehow, parents can help students to explain what is their difference between of their situation in life. As Dr. Robert Nathanson says for the athletes “Student-athletes possess a host of personal characteristics, traits, and values that have helped them thrive athletically, including discipline, commitment, focus, high energy, work ethic, ability to handle pressure, and resilience ---- the list goes on and on. Yet, as students, they often don 't realize that these same attributes are transferable to the academic playing field”. On the other hand, Dr. Alan Goldberg wants to share to the parents of regular students “One thing we all want as children and never stop wanting is to be loved and accepted, and to have our parents feel good about what we do. This is how self-esteem gets established. When your interactions with your child make them feel good about themselves, they will, in turn, learn to treat themselves this very same way.

Lastly, the Community always tackles about the wrong doings through the clustering of student athletes with their generous professors. This tackles in many universities that the professors have a special treatment while the regular students can’t take any special
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