Importance Of Equal Opportunity In The Military

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Why is it a problem in the United States Military and should be the highest priority in that everyone no matter what place of work should receive equal rewards and punishment for acts of good service or wrong doings. It promotes that all people should be able to participate and benefit from a job or any activities on which they are qualified for embracing the equal Opportune is consistent with the Army Values (LDRSHIP) loyalty, duty, respect, selfless service, honor, integrity, and personal courage and should always be thought about when giving punishment or rewards. Many forms can be used as equal opportunity to attack other people and not many people understand the difference between equal opportunity and just being picked on. There should never be a difference if your too afraid not understand that any situation you find yourself In that makes you feel even the slightest bit uncomfortable you should seek some type of guidance. We all must embrace equal opportunity which is the responsibility of every personnel not just the soldiers…show more content…
A violation of equal opportunity can consist of sexual harassment, hazing, judging, and picking. Gender discrimination that involves sexual advances, favors, or any verbal statements can lead to an file of equal opportunity to di doesn’t just have to be the sharp program ignoring discrimination adversely impacts leadership, unit cohesion and mission accomplishments. No matter what the situation is it can still be used and felt like directed towards a group people or a single individual. A lot of equal opportunity cases are because someone gets to emotional and in there feeling to understand what’s being said or when someone is honest and the person who they are Bing honest to do like what is being said. So who is really at fault with the situation? That is up for the commander to
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