Importance Of Equal Rights For Women And Girls

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Equal Rights For Women And Girls News regarding women and girls getting dreadful treatments and unequal rights have been really common in the past, even until this day. UDHR states that ‘everyone has the right to an education’, but this statement has been denied to majority of the girls across the globe. It often occurs in least developed countries. There are many barriers for girls to get an education, and this issue has remained controversial. Poverty remains the main factor for determining whether a girl can gain access to an education and the cultural norms such as forcing the girls into a marriage, as well as living in a non-digital environment. The world needs to be more aware of these issues in those least developed countries, but most of them only preach about it but never really did anything. Immediate actions need to be taken upon this issue, such as encouraging women into non-traditional vocations by launching campaigns, conveying the appropriate teachings and knowledge of importance of education in religions to the developing countries and also allowing the girls to utilise technology in order to adapt to the digital learning environment. These actions might seem insignificant, but with these little actions, it will make a big impact on the lives of both the girls and women. Girls’ education (2018) states that majority of the girls who don’t get access to education are from least developed countries, such as Bangladesh, India, African countries and etc. Only
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