Importance Of Equality In The Declaration Of Independence

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Equality’s primary meaning in the Declaration of Independence was that no one was born to be subjected to anyone’s authority. In a closer look, behind this idea, lays the fact that people are possessors of rights, equal rights possessors. The implication of this was that they are equal under the law, thereby; people would have equal opportunity to pursuit a way of life that would please them as long as they had social responsibility about the way they do it. It was not self-evident that one was born to be a ruler and the other a follower, they had to support that on their own. Either way you look at, equality has a lot of powerful meanings in this document. They truly succeeded to write an inspirational document in which all the rights that every nation should have are highlighted. In the Declaration of Independence, the notion of equality refers to a conception of human dignity. Human beings by nature have no authority over others. To summarize, they knew what political principles and considerations they were trying to raise. One can say that this was not the true image of the American people back then, referring here strictly about slavery. As time was passing by, the controversy over the institution of slavery would only grow and the faith of the Declaration not to mention the truths it asserted was very much mistaken. What began as a contradiction eventually began a politically crisis of the first order resulting in the Civil War. Those with great
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