Unit 6: Escalation Of Commitment

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Professor Edith Koopmans Written Assignment Unit 6 Escalation of Commitment Escalation of Commitment happens when someone continues to invest money and/ or time into a hopeless action. Individuals feel that if they were to give up now, it would make all of their past efforts meaningless and a waste of resources, time and funding. (Bauer, T., & Erdogan, B. 2010, P.251) Pride can be one of the reasons as to why Escalation of Commitment occurs even though it might seem like an obvious red flag to stop. The individual might feel a sense of duty or attachment as well and believe that if they work hard enough it has to turn around sometime. Unfortunately, not all things are meant to happen and the individuals or the organization end up…show more content…
I tried my best to show him that he was the only guy that I was interested in but if I had even the slightest conversation with another male, he would become infuriated. Thinking back now, I could have saved myself a lot of tears and time if I would have been smarted and realized that I was in an abusive relationship. At the time, I kept hoping and believing that if I just did my best to win over his trust by showing him that I am not a bad person, he would stop. 1 year and a couple of months later, it only got worst. I had completely lost myself; I let myself get hurt and insulted with no way out because I needed a place to live. It took me a wasted year to realize that this was a dead end. I couldn't see it before and I just kept believing that it might get better. One day, I knew enough was enough and saw an opportunity to end the poor path that I was blindly walking. I was naïve for not being able to cut my losses, and I paid the price. “At the moment it seemed like a good idea”, is what maybe goes through everyone’s mind after they come into their senses from our failed attempts in Escalation of Commitment. Persistence is not always a good thing, and it could lead people into their own demise. I learned that you shouldn’t ignore the subtle signs that are given to you, whether to continue
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