Essay: The Importance Of Essays

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Sumera Syeda
English 201
7 February 2018
Why Essays?
For as long as time has existed, so has communication. Whether it be by hand motions, signs, drawings, speaking, or writing, communication has always been a big part of interacting with others, learning about them, and even educating them. There are many different types of essays that exist today, ranging from pieces of contemporary fiction to even certain textbooks. The word essay itself has a very broad meaning. In most cases, people identify it as “a unified piece of writing to explore deeper understandings of a topic.” While, the word essay and the meaning behind it has changed quiet substantially over time, essays have always included an introduction, a body, and a conclusion.
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This is because they provide the basis of getting a person’s thoughts and ideas down on paper first. From there, research, critical analysis, and evaluations lead to properly communicating ideas in a well-rounded manner. Essays provide authors with the platform to get their view across to the general public, and in turn, they provide the readers with a way to understand other people’s points of view. Essays are a great way of communicating not only educational intellect and emotions, but also a way of making people more human. They connect people to each other and show people that they can relate to others based off their thoughts, ideas, and emotions. And if they don’t help people relate to each other, essay do aid others in getting a glimpse of someone else’s mind. Essays are a great way to communicate with others because they not only help get someone’s point of view across, they help do so in an organized and intellectually stimulating manner. In addition to this, essays are often times effective because they are backed up with evidence and critical analyses that help to further the claims of the author. This provides the author with enough reasoning to thoroughly explain their point of view, while providing the reader with a sense of having enough information on the topic to make their own decision about that subject
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