Importance Of Ethical Behavior In The Workplace

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A vital attribute that many employees should value is the importance of positive ethical behaviors in the workplace. It defines the right approach to an attitude, behavior, respect for others, and communication. There are many positive work beliefs associated with positive ethical behaviors that will contribute to a more confident and ethical employee. Another component is how decision-making is made on a daily basis, whether an employee realizes it or not, on whether they choose to be ethical or unethical. Not a single business will succeed should everyone decide to become unethical. According to one theory, “leaders may make bad ethical decisions and rationalize these decisions.”1 In order to prevent these failures, there must be a strong presence in ethical leadership as well as it takes good character to make those ethical decisions. In an article from The Center for Association Leadership,2 most workplaces have developed an ethics program, which includes written policies, that are available to every employee. Additionally, these programs will consist of education and training development and is considered a useful recruiting tool. In 2000, nearly 90% of employees reported a program is in place. There are several standards of conduct that employees must abide by in order to be regarded as ethical in the workplace that will be summarized in this paper. As an employee, it is extremely valuable to have a few, if not all, of these significant traits. One standard

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