Ethical Behaviour In The Workplace

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Ethical behaviour is a common practice that related to moral behaviour of one’s personal value and social norms. Different people have different perception on ethical behaviours and sometimes one’s ethical value changes due to social pressure. Ethical means something that align with one’s believes or an organisation’s social norms. But in workplace ethnic, it depends on how the behaviour affect the productivity or an organisation or teamwork among employees. Thus, the million-dollar question is what are the important characters for an employee to have ethical behaviour in workspace.

The first characteristic that can help employees to behave better is by trust more. people nowadays have trust issue as social media constantly exposing lies from
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Responsibility have a powerful impact on both the employees and the supervisor. Being responsible means take control of your life and accept consequence of your choice. (WORKPLACE ETHICS, 2007, p.201). But in work space, it means something that you need to take care of as your job. As employee goes higher rank, more and more responsibility will be on his or her shoulder. According to the thesis wrote by Emery (2015, p.18), supervisors are expected to take the responsibility of their employees’ ethnical behaviours. In Northern Illinois University, they have asked all employee to be responsible on every single action they take. (Northern Illinois University, October 2013, p.7). This is because they not only need to follow the law set by government but also the policy created by NIU Board of Trustees, the president and the…show more content…
One of the main control for ethical decision making is from caring. (WORKPLACE ETHICS, 2007, p.183). Put in another word, ethic is about having good relationship with others. In a organization, caring is one of the way to keep employees satisfy. (Bauer & Erdogan, December 2012, p.109). When supervisor cares about an employee, the employee will feel like they been valued. This action could make them feel satisfy when working in this organization. As long as the employee’s heart remain in that organization, he or she will never leave that place. But of course, caring does not depended on whether the employee is productive of not. Research shows that caring weak employees could boost their work efficiency. (Emery, December 2015, p.9). But of course, not all employee will have the same effect as everyone is
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