Importance Of Ethical Issues In Advertising

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The world has entered the age of consumerism, the age of competition, the age of consumption, the age in which getting noticed is the ultimate priority. When it comes to marketing the question is no longer how great the product is, but how appealing and desiring the advertising makes it. Yet, when it comes to advertising the job not easy. In a world where there are approximately 3,000 different advertisements being published every day, being noticed can be the breaking point between success and failure, and in a world where success is so limited, it has become the most anticipated achievement. Therefore, companies are forced to rely on compromising advertising strategies. As for the advertising strategies, the greatest challenge is staying fresh, innovating, and very importantly understanding the audience because in the long run they are the reflection of success.
In the 1990’s a few companies, on the hunt for success, gave birth to the most controversial
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Whether it creates or not a buzz is unimportant, but the fact that it is no longer moderated but it has become only about getting noticed troubles me. In the United Kingdom, for instance, it is referred to as yobbo advertising, which is roughly translated as the desire to shock the audience into taking notice by whatever means possible. The thing is, shockvertising is directed to society, and if it can only stand or create a buzz by norm violation then the entire thing is a fallacy. If the intention is really to address the greatest issues of the world, as a way of advertisement, then violating norms should not even be a possibility, the end should not justify the means. Shock advertising is very exciting but we have to be careful to what extends we take are willing to take

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