Importance Of Ethical Marketing

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What is Marketing?
Marketing is the on-going activities done by the company to reach the target market and the mediums used to connect and engage with the target market and convince them of the value of the product, marketing can be defined as a method used to interest potential customers of a business. Marketing involves the marketing mix which is the 7Ps of marketing, the 4 traditional Ps include Product, price, place and promotion these Ps are product orientated, the 3 additional Ps include, process, physical evidence and people, these are the service orientated Ps. marketing is used to retain current customers as well as to attract new customers.
The Naked Brand:
The naked brand is a documentary about how small and big corporations through
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Ethical marketing is the way in which a business markets a product in such a way that it promotes honesty, fairness, responsibility, respect for consumers and transparency. Ethical marketing ensures advertisements are honest and trustworthy. Ethical marketing can help build strong customer business relationships.
Unethical marketing is the marketing of a brand or product that is marketed in a dishonest, deceitful and immoral way which can be seen as morally incorrect. Unethical marketing can destroy customer business relationships.
Unethical behaviour in marketing can be defined as businesses who use mediums such as materialism which is when a false need is created, competitive advertising which is when a company uses an advertise to bash their competitor by referring directory to them, deception which can be selling old goods as new and cultural pollution which is the use of unacceptable language and the discrimination of a certain group of people based on age, race, gender, religion or abilities and the use of exaggerations which is false claims about features and the quality of a
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The South African government has set up the CPA which is the consumers protection act it is an act that protects the rights of consumers, it stipulates the behaviour that is required by a business in marketing goods and services, it ensure that the consumer has fair and honest dealings, privacy and the right to choose, it protects the consumer against unethical marketing and discrimination.
The ASASA which is the Advertising Standards Authority of South Africa was set up by the marketing communications industry of South Africa to ensure that advertising is decent, honest, legal, truthful and ethical. The organisation aims to enforce “a Code of Advertising in the country that establishes the rules to which the advertising fraternity agrees to. It also provides a system of recourse for those who may have been harmed or prejudiced by an advertisement.”, (
The Vision of ASASA is to ensure that advertising in South Africa is trustworthy in the interest of consumers, corporations and those who produce the
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