Importance Of Ethical Practice

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Ethical Practice Teresa Allen Western International University Behavioral Health Care Systems BEH-450-3862 Professor George Brackman March 5, 2018 Ethical Practice Within every medical and clinical profession is a standard of ethical guidelines to be followed and upheld. Ethics refers to a group of moral practices, professional values and honesty, these principles serves as guidelines for professional counselors as well as other healthcare professionals. The principles and guidelines also serves as being the importance to protect the welfare of client and counselor by the acts of client outlining what is appropriate. In all importance mental health counselors value objectivity and integrity in their commitment to understanding human behavior, and the maintaining the highest standards in providing mental health counseling services. Counseling Relationships Mental health counselors are very aware of their influential position in respecting their clients and the exploiting the trust in fostering dependency of their clients. This type of relationship between a counselor and client must not in any way cause harm to the client. a. Romantic or sexual relationships with clients are strictly inadmissible and prohibited. b. Counselors are at all times strongly discouraged from engaging in romantic or sexual relationships with former or current clients. c. Mental health counselors are aware of their own values, attitudes, beliefs and
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