Importance Of Ethics In Advertising

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Ethics in advertising The field of advertising is extremely broad and diverse. It is a tool used by marketers to convey some information about the products to a large number of people. The use of this tool has increased tremendously in the Indian economy. We see a number of ads in a day and some of the ads are illogical, containing wrong information and inflicted with window dressing. This gives us an insight as to what ethics is and why it is important in advertising. Ethics means a set of moral principles which govern a person’s behaviour and the way in which an activity is conducted. Ethics in advertising means a set of principles which govern the ways of communication taking place between the seller and the buyer. Ethics is the most important feature of the advertising industry. Though there are many benefits of advertising but there are few elements which don’t fulfil the ethical norms of advertising. In this context, the media of social communications have two options. Either they help people to grow in their understanding and practice of what is true and good, or they are damaging forces which are in conflict with human welfare. The purpose of advertising is to help choose rationally and make sound moral choices that benefit all the persons involved in it. However, if it seeks to move people to do evil deeds that are self-destructive and destructive of authentic community, they do evil. This applies also to the means of

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