Importance Of Ethics In Business Education

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“The State of Business Schools, Business Education, and Business Ethics” written by Cavico and Mujtaba(2010) highlights the importance of business ethics course to determine some challenging issues business schools face today by integrating with the fundamental basis of ethics. More specifically, the ethics course is getting more and more important for society and the business world in terms of developing ethical comprehension and socially responsible behaviors. If the business ethics course was taught in business schools and universities in Turkey, the most important outcomes for society would be the increase of development level and welfare level of society. Cavico and Mujtaba(2010) point out the significance of ethics in business education…show more content…
In Turkey, it is possible to see some people who tries to establish a company without enough knowledge about business world. Such people should be aware of what they do in business particularly. The business ethics course can help the business students to keep informed about all kind of things in business. First of all, such course can be a remarkable opportunity for Turkish society in terms of improving business students’ ethical thinking, morally appropriate behaviors and helping to raise them as socially responsible individuals. For example, Bateman highlights that business ethics education should “stimulate the students’ moral awareness and imagination, help them recognize moral issues in business and otherwise, provide to the students ethical theories and principles, and help the students develop moral reasoning skills” (As cited in Cavico and Mujtaba, 2010, p.10). In this direction, the business ethics course helps to improve students and encourage them preparing for business and social life. If there are individuals who have moral consciousness and social responsibility awareness in a society, it is quite possible to see the development of Turkey highly in terms of social, cultural, economical, educational and political aspects. Furthermore, such course can be beneficial for Turkish society in the sense of enhancing the welfare level. The business ethics course, teaching the social responsibility to the students, aims to raise students who are well prepared and well informed about social responsibilities of business to the society(p.13). Such countries have the potential to bring successful leaders to the society. Also, such countries have the chance to raise business students who are well informed about moral values and
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