Importance Of Ethics In Business Ethics

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Ethics are very important in managing a business because ethics have a direct impact on how business will perform in the long run. Business ethics are one of the most important aspects for the long term success in business as the ethical behaviour will help organization create a long lasting positive impacts for a company, either through internal and external impacts. One of the ethical behaviors that business organizations have to take into account is environmental ethics. Environmental ethics is a consideration of ethical relationship between human and nonhuman entities. These situation create dilemma on how the kind of decisions that the organization have to make about the environment and stakeholders and at the same time want to maximize profits for the shareholders as part of an organization goals. All religions are concerned about environmental ethics because they believe that environment should be preserved for future generations. In Islam, Tawhid is a main principle in Islamic Environmental Ethics. Islam believes that, God is the Owner and Creator of everything in the heavens and on earth. Next principle in Islam is Amanah (Trust). Islam believes that humans have the right to use resources of the world but they do not have a right to exploit these resources that have been given in trust it is belong to Allah. Humans as a trustee…show more content…
Utilitarianism is the action and policies that businesses made which they look at the greatest benefits and give positive implication on business expansion as well as long term benefits for people versus the good for the environment. The consideration when businesses cannot be separated from society is called Virtue Ethics approach. In this approach, society is a part of larger community and businesses has a responsibility to make harmonious in
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