Importance Of Ethics In Business Organization

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The concept of business ethics in organizational management, which gained significance in the ancient world, is critical for the success of any corporate organization in the contemporary world. “Management Ethics: Ethics in Business Organizations” is a journal article that addresses various aspects of business ethics, including application, meaning, and significance of ethics in today’s organizations. This article, which is written in Portuguese by Bondarik, Pilatti, and de Francisco, was published in 2006 in Brazil, and this review is based on its English translation. The article has four main sections that focus on various aspects related to the significance of ethical behavior in the corporate field, which is an integral part of the human society. In the article’s first section, the meanings attributed to the term ethics are presented. The first meaning attributed to the term ethics is the ethics, which relates to moralities and the related philosophical issues dealing with human actions and reactions in a society. The second meaning is ethical standards, which refer to moral canons that restrict certain behavior and outline the implications associated with breaching the canons. The last meaning is ethical principles, and these are synonymously the values upheld in an organization or a society, including decency, honesty, and respect, among others. The article’s second section focuses on business organizations as models of social behaviors, where the managerial society is
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