Importance Of Ethics In Decision Making

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When discussing ethics in decision making, there are a lot of factors that go into how the decision should be made. Your own personal feelings, the position that you are in, the possible outcomes, the backlash, and basic human rights are all things that one has to consider in the decision-making process. In the situation where a highly visible privately-owned television company is receiving criticism from politicians and the pubic due to its employee's discussion of political matters on social media, a decision needs to be made to make sure that these criticisms come to an end since public opinion can have a detrimental impact on a television companies well-being. As the CEO of the company, the decision that I will have to make will affect…show more content…
It can give re-assurance that the decision was the right one or make the whole situation worse. Facebook's Chief Technical Officer stated "It is clear now that we should have done things differently. For example, we should have considered other non-experimental ways to do this research… Last, in releasing the study, we failed to communicate clearly why we did it." This response was beneficial to the company because they admitted their faults. As the CEO, if we were to receive a lot of public backlash, a response would need to be prepared and consist of the reasoning behind the decision, admitting wrong doing, and an apology to everyone affected. Explaining that we were acting in the best interest of our employees and the public, admitting that we made the wrong choice, and forming an apology will all be beneficial to reducing the potential backlash. The immediate action to not allow posts on social media regarding political matters from employees is the most effective and ethical course of action that can be taken to best benefit the company and its employees as a whole given the information that is provided. The main thing that the employees need to understand is that the television company relies on the public's perception for success. Although staying ethical is not always easy in decision making, the companies top priority is to demonstrate respect and trust to its employees and the public while simultaneously continuing the success of the
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