Importance Of Ethics In Education

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The main purpose of education is to create skills, grasp knowledge and spread awareness. It is a fact that educated persons would display civilised behaviour, decency, good manners and ethical conduct. In most educational institutions, there is a total lack of the concept of human development and nation-building in the education process. Education should try to achieve academic excellence and progress of the arts and Sciences in resemblance with our national needs and priorities. Education is learnt not only for the academic excellence but also to get some social change in the society .Education is like value maximisation for a individual .

Ethics in education

Ethics in Education is essential as they help run the system smoothly. It sets the standards of what’s acceptable and what’s not hence protecting the interests of both the educators and the learners. It has been given a lot of importance over the years and institutions are designing courses that help students. It is applicable on both the instructors as well as the students. Teachers play a important role. They not only transfer the education but also they teach the personality development. Ethics that are applicable on teachers require them to show patience to every student instead of their learning abilities. Teachers should treat every student equally and do justice for every student. The one who provides education should think that every student is different and every student should be evaluated
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