Importance Of Ethics In Ethics

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Introduction - Rawan Ateya: Human beings are distinguished from each other by many apparent and internal things that make them different in their ways of thinking and their lives. Human beings cannot coexist with one another if they do not follow some rules and methods that everyone accepts which is known as ethics and morals. Ethics is a form of human behavior in all areas of social life without exception. In the home with the family and in dealing with people, in work, and in politics, in science and in public places. It is the study that evaluates human behavior in the light of the ethical rules that sets standards of behavior. The following essay will incorporate some of the vital topics based on ethical behavior while reflecting its moral…show more content…
Without ethics, no one will be loved or respected, so ethics is the most important thing in this life and especially in the workplaces because the workers will meet numerous people with different culture. Everyone has a different way of thinking which makes it difficult for people to communicate with others. The ethics of computing include truthfulness, respect, good habits and fairness. Anyway, each major should have these ethics. People these days do not trust as much as before for many reasons. first, people in the past are different than now, they were more truthful and sincere with each other and everyone wishes others the best luck. However, these days, nobody seems to care about others. Besides, mutual respect is a must if anyone wants to have a convenient life. Moreover, any worker should be devoted to their workplaces and coworkers because if they do that, they will do their best. On the other hand, everyone has their own habits and smiling one of the habits that will make workers bonded and attached with one another. Furthermore, managing time is not easy but it is significant for people to be ethical either in their major or job. One of the companies that used unethical behavior was Aramco. When my brother worked their they did not respect him, also one of his friends noticed that some employees were not smiling at customers and that is not ethical. Eventually, ethical is important in life either with their life partner or their children or anyone in this
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