Relationship Between Personal And Professional Life

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Nice discussion post this week! I agree with your motto: “Do as you would want others to do” and it does apply to both one’s professional and personal life. As a healthcare worker you must (or should) treat your patients as you would want someone to treat one of your loved family members. It’s true! I think it is really cool that you teach this to the nurses that are placed with you for training purposes. We do have to give people a reason to care and it is great that you are able to set the example and model the way. Values and ethics are very important in our everyday life and it is extremely important to uphold them to the best standards possible like you have mentioned. They influence every aspect of one’s life ranging from responses, to…show more content…
You are right, your moral compass, as well as your ethics and values, are developed and influenced from the people around you, which in your case are your parents, three uncles, and grandparents. It makes sense since they were all heavily involved and personally invested in your life, which is really cool. You do not hear of that often today, but I am the same as you! I am very fortunate to have my parents and to have had my grandparents and family, even extended, be close and be my moral compass. For you, the Army is where your ethics and values were really drilled in and you established your personal and professional identity as you mentioned. I can not speak for you, but I know my dad is a marine and when I ask him about some stuff here and there I remember one of the things he told me was the same thing; they are so heavily ingrained that you do not have to think about what is right and what is wrong. I do what I think is right in and outside of the workplace and it is hard because my ethics and values do influence me, just like they do you, but it seems to never be a choice for you. You have great work ethics as well as family values. It seems like, even though you may seem like a workaholic (I can be too sometimes) you make time for your family and have a nice balance between personal and professional life. Every leader has to make critical decisions, which involves values, and these decisions can impact a company, This is the same for one’s personal life. I try to set the example and in and outside of the workplace, but my ethics and values will influence how I model the way in my professional and personal life regardless. We both chose authentic leadership. It’s simply being self-aware and genuine and putting the company first. I really enjoyed reading your discussion this week and seeing your perspective on this week’s topic. Thanks for sharing your story with us Neal! Nice
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